60 x 80 cm

Oil, acrylic



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Une semaine française à Kashan february 2017

- mai 2017,

Exposition individuelle

à Choisy-le-Roi


- du 19 mai au 24 septembre 2017,

participation au 20 ans de Sculptures en l'île - Andrésy

avec une installation


- de 23 juin au 17 septembre 2017,

Exposition individuelle

au Château de Monte-Cristo - Le Port-Marly

Vernissage le 23 juin à partir de 19H00

- du 11 au 17 février 2017,

Cultural center Ameriha

Kashan (IRAN)


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Les Brisants

Oil and ink on wood.

Les mâts

Oil and ink on canvas.

Bloc notes

Cover with a screen print of the artist.

The pearly lane


maison des artistes n°J041217

Experience the performance of "Vilaine company" in the middle of my installations



“Born in Annecy, I come from a ground where the mountains plunge in the Lake. Ground of contrasts, is in hiding whimsical, I learned there, during my first years, to accept its vacuums and its reliefs, to assimilate volumes, to initially consider dimensions in their gigantism. Like a counterpart, a dynamics then started…


“One does not find space, it always should be built” wrote Bachelard. I bought into this quote. I cope with the vacuum, the every day, in my workshop, in Herblay (95) which is from now on vital for me. There, I “build” paintings, sculptures and installations. And because the mountain is as the sea - it is deserved - I associate this famous moment with it when all can rock. The elements and the men taught me that one moment is not the different one…


I want to solidify this moment in his movement, this point of balance before it rocks, to respect and translate with just the inspiration first. “


 Since always, deC is fascinated by this exact moment when any rocker. This fragile balance between the laughter and the tears, plenitude and the avalanche… This sometimes negligible border, in perpetual mobility, which breathes, which creates silence or storm…


It should translate this point of balance, to pass from appeared in clean, to solidify this moment, in short and subtle before it escapes, to collect the impulse, to seize the trajectory… This state “transit” mobilizes the creative process. Creative energy a gesture answers which leaves its wake and which tries to capture, with audacity, this “fugitive”. “Time has only one reality, that of the moment. In other words, time is a reality tightened over the moment and suspended between two nothings” Bachelard, philosophical wrote that he likes to quote.


To arrive to this “catch”, of the reference books research and preliminary works mix with. Plans, reports of constructions, studies on the balance of the colors, combinations of materials and textures, composition and juxtaposition of volumes coexist in its workshop. Like resistance to vacuum, like counterpart with nature and with men, it is seizure with sharp of these spaces time “tightrope” he wants to seize, which is perceived at his place, first of all.


Its works adopt postures varied, according to the sets of themes which it is fond of: life, perception, the movement, civilization, elements, reference marks…


Paintings, sculptures and installations are the pressures privileged with this free space and moving. With small as on a large scale, the selected language is impregnated some and grabs it. deC reinvents, some is the medium, surfaces some as in volume.


The fabrics and paintings on wood are almost worked, by effects of matters, contrasts and reliefs intended to give this physical feeling of the vibration, inherent in its eyes with that of space; field of perpetual and mobile interactions. Lyric and articulated its sculptures whose frame cuts out the moment. Poetic architectures its transitory, its famous installations whose free notes are spread in overseas.


It is always this search of a harmony to build which justifies its gesture, that it puts forward though it touches, with merry set out again.


It sharpens its tracking, relearns, starts again, takes again the work and still discovers.


   deC is not afraid of the vacuum.

 It creates there a sequence, it tames it…



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