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I really can't choose between the so-called "traditional" arts and those coming from new technologies.


My choice is to advance by working in large number of ways to express myself that really allow me total freedom.


Oil, Acrylics





"Mikado" Japanese word meaning "Gate of the Sublime." deC, multi-genre artist, visual artist and installer presents its new facility designed as a hand "architected". These arches invitation to travel. Five columns illustrate the fingers of our hand connected by a maze of tight lines that evokes our faculties and tracks the paths taken as the furrows in our flesh ... In harmony with the framework that permits, deC imagine your own course. "Follow your instincts. Take the key fields under this influence light ultramarine and whisked her fingers ... "blows the artist.


Vidéo HD - 2'42''

Crédit photos : kolyma - www.christofoto.fr

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